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Hi! I´m Flor. I´m 17 from Argentina. And I'm completely in love with a 48 year old guy whom I believe is the sexiest,cute, amazing man alive..Robert Downey Jr.



" This is the sort of earnest, soft-edged antique that now seems so old it’s almost new again. If you look over Downey’s CV, you’ll see that he has never placed himself at the centre of a drama quite this square, where he’s called upon to emote, with his big moist puppy eyes, between every zinger.
"Yet if The Judge is the kind of movie you might have expected Downey to make only with a gun pointed to his head, it is in fact the first film to come out of the new production company he has launched with his wife, Susan Downey. And his presence is the key to what makes it work. At 49, he has aged more gracefully than arguably any other actor of his generation. It’s not just that he looks amazingly sharp and fit and tanned, his jet-black sweep of hair set off by a sprinkle of gray filings. It’s that his spirit is still shockingly, youthfully fast, and the script of The Judge allows him to draw on the machine-gun verbal dexterity that is his principle mode of expression.”
-  From Owen Glieberman’s review of “The Judge,” (X)

That’s why I love him